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Vince Neil to showcase Tatuado at San Diego Spirits Festival

on 16/07/13 at 10:41 am

Booze News


MÖTLEY CRÜE  front-man Vince Neil to showcase his Tatuado liquor line at the Fifth San Diego Spirits FESTIVAL.

If you want to dive deep into the world of sensational spirits and creative cocktails, check out the San Diego Spirits Festival, August 24-25 2013. The two-day celebration merges the three elements Cocktails, Culinary and Culture, the two-day festival is sure to please the palates of everyone from the serious Mixologist, Professional Chef, to the novice culinary enthusiast and the cocktail drinker, with live entertainment, Bartender Battle’s, Chefs Shakedowns and Demonstrations, Burlesque, and a Fashion Show,You know it’s bound to be a party when MÖTLEY CRÜE front man VINCE NEIL opens the festival – and is showcasing his Tatuado Vodka for your enjoyment.VINCE NEIL will be at the San Diego Spirits Festival hosting a two day meet and greet with a taste extravaganza on Saturday, August 24 and Sunday, August 25 between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm. Attendees will sample some of the best tequila and vodka on earth.

The San Diego Spirit Festival is a truly unique event that blends the world of craft spirits, high profile liquors and fine cuisine, all in a locale overlooking a sun-drenched San Diego Bay. This one of a kind weekend, held at the spacious Port Pavilion, brings together hundreds of distinct liquors and gourmet morsels in a festive and fun loving environment. Sample any of the spirits you come across, whetting your whistle with tasty tequilas, raucous rums, magnetic moonshines, vivacious vodkas, genteel gins, wild whiskeys, marvelous mezcals, and more. Need to fill up a bit? Delicious cuisine is on hand for your culinary needs as well. During the day, witness cocktail battles, pitting expert bartenders against one another, along with chef/bartender battles, burlesque shows, samba dancers and even a craft beer section. Ditch the same old bar for your weekend retreat, and head to the ultimate spirited locale for your sipping needs.

The entrance forecourt will be transformed into Bayside Art Festival featuring over 60 Artists ensuring that the San Diego Spirits Festival turns into a true SoCal celebration.
Tickets to the San Diego Spirits Festival are ALL INCLUSIVE with UNLIMITED TASTINGS Get them early as we anticipate a sell out event, as two more celebrity brands will be announced in the upcoming weeks.