Viviane is a beautiful smash hit of a restaurant

on 26/10/15 at 11:56 am

Booze News

Girl-barfinal2Wow! I don’t know who Viviane is, or was, but she must have been a looker because this restaurant is a fitting tribute. Walking through the almost impossible to find front door of the Avalon Hotel – give yourself an extra 20 minutes the first time. It hits you…this place is gorgeous. It’s night. The sinuous curve of the dining room is flatteringly lit, and makes even the most prosaic diners look enchanting. On one side are enormous windows that look out onto the come-hither, curvaceous swimming pool surrounded by alluring coves filled with tables for larger parties. Does this sound like it’s designed for seduction? Well, it is. The ambience is sexy and inviting without being tarty. Really, you could spend hours here just hanging out. And look fabulous while doing it!


Flight of Manhattans

So, for the food. Wait, first the drinks. Ryan Wainwright, bartender extraordinare, is in charge of the bar programme here as he is at Terrine. To start the evening, I had the flight of Manhattans…a stroke of brilliance and a bargain at $15 for three kickass expressions. I had to follow-up with Ryan’s signature Negroni which was perfection. Michael Hung has put together a mouthwatering menu…a “modern California interpretation of classic European and American cuisine.” Everything on the menu was enticing. I could have eaten the whole thing. Suffice it to say the beef tartare was one of the best I’ve had…and I’ve had a ton.


Picture doesn’t do it justice. Just go.

Not having been to Viviane during the day, I can’t say how sexy it is but you can find out as it also serves breakfast and lunch. Viviane is a must on your go-to restaurant  list. It may be the only place you’ll go to for a while!





9400 West Olympic Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Reservations: 844  328 2566