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Wahoo Saskatchewan! Performers want stripping allowed in liquor establishments

on 15/07/11 at 11:33 am

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CORRECTION: The Norman Brown quoted in this story supporting a petition to allow stripping in Saskatchewan bars is not the Norman J. Brown who is a member of the Official Board of Knox-Metropolitan United Church. The Leader-Post regrets any confusion the story might have caused.

Six scantily clad woman were on the F.W. Hill Mall in downtown Regina on July 11, 2011, seeking out people to sign a petition to legalize stripping where alcohol is served. Photograph by: Don Healy, Regina Leader-Pos

Some performers from the Bare Essentials burlesque show spent Monday’s lunch hour petitioning people about Saskatchewan’s stripping laws.

Six women in booty shorts and tank tops, clipboards in hand, trolled the F.W. Hill Mall asking people to sign the petition to change Saskatchewan’s Alcohol Control Regulation No. 63 (1), which prohibits stripping in premises where liquor is sold.

The petition cites safety of women and job creation as reasons to legalize stripping in bars.

Jessica, a performer in the Bare Essentials show at the Gaslight Saloon who declined to give her last name, said they received a mixed response during the almost two hours on Scarth Street, from people who support the petition, to people looking for more information, to people absolutely against stripping.

“I got in a fight with a preacher earlier because he was protesting against me,” said Jessica, who wants people to “open their minds.”

Norman Brown signed the petition because he disagrees with the law.

{Full story via Leadership Post}

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