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What Moonshine to Try? Here’s A Moonshine Primer

on 04/08/11 at 2:16 pm

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New York City’s underground moonshiners might be making jugs of hooch on the down-low, but if you don’t have a bootlegger supplying you on the sly, fear not. Liquor store shelves are beginning to be stocked with moonshine, which might be labeled “white dog” or “white whiskey.” Basically they’re just bottling corn whiskey right off the still as opposed to aging it, which would then yield bourbon. But moonshine sounds way sexier than “white whiskey,” no? Of course, as some of the moonshiners I met noted, commercially produced moonshine is a bit counterintuitive. But even if that’s the case, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drink it. Most moonshiners suggest drinking the spirit neat, but if that’s too tough to handle, try it on the rocks, or experiment by substituting it into your favorite bourbon or vodka cocktail. Here are some of the most readily available commercial moonshines on the market. Party time!

Kings County Moonshine — Brooklyn’s finest moonshine, made from the city’s first legal distillery since Prohibition. One of the best-tasting of the commercially available moonshines, this spirit has a sweet, clean corn flavor and is as smooth as could be. 200 milliliters, $20, kingscountydistillery.com

Buffalo Trace White Dog #1 — Definitely strong and distinctive, this 125-proof spirit packs a punch. But it has a nice, fruity corn flavor with just a touch of rye. 375 milliliters, $15, buffalotrace.com

{COMPLETE LIST via Village Voice}

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