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Where the fuck should I go for drinks? APP!!!

on 02/05/12 at 10:40 am

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Intrepid reporter, D.R. Stewart, tells us how the fuck to get a drink now.

If life gives you lemons… blah-fucking-blah. There’s so many theories on what to do, some being make limoncello, some require throwing said lemons at the person who offered you such a banal phrase in your life’s lemon time. Recently, I had the sour moment of seeing an idea I had actually spent some time and money on – happening nearly as I envisioned it. But, instead of being a bitter lemon guy, commencing vigorous litigation, I decided to congratulate them on mounting what I had not – an App called “Where The Fuck Should I go for Drinks” It’s exactly what it says it is: an app designed to show me the way to the next whiskey bar, but more exactly the CLOSEST bar. Now. When even, like, a click seems too long to find out where to slake your thirst.

The creators turned out to be hail hearty fellows from the United Kingdom, in a collective called “Coolography.”  I posed some questions for Glenn Angelo, the Creative Director for Coolography Before the interview began, Glenn wanted me to know he’s
also a designer and part-time hedonist.

What’s your favorite alcoholic beverage?
That’s a hard question, but very generally – a nice red wine with a meal, any crisp lager after a hard day’s work, or for mixed drinks: dark rum and coke or vodka with fresh apple juice always hits the spot.

How hard was it to mount this app? Is there now software that already has maps and data for you to plug-in? You didn’t have to create the database, right?
The site uses google maps and the Google places library to detect a users location and draw up a list of pubs and bars in their area. This means that the accuracy of the results is purely down to Google users own submitted places and details, which isn’t the best at
times. It is however, very thorough, and as such the app works pretty much everywhere in the world with a decent number of people with access to the internet.

Any press on this so far?
So far the site has been spread mostly through social networks such as Facebook, twitter, and google+, but there’s been a significant amount of traffic coming from StumbleUpon, too. We’ve had plenty of blogs featuring the site but this is all achieved with next to no active promotion on our part.

Most interesting thing to happen since the site went up?
I’d have to say that since we never expected the site to be this popular then it’s sheer success is probably the most interesting thing. Though the “interesting” dialogues we’ve had with some users through the official twitter account (@WTFSIGFD) never fail to
amuse us.

What do you plan to do with the site in the future?
We have a few plans to add some more functionality to make the site more useful for users, though we’ll do this very carefully as we don’t want to get in the way of the simplicity of the app.

Plans for an I-phone app? How do you get around I-phone’s no curse words policy?
We finally have the app out on the app store, which works on both the iPhone and the iPad. Initially we had problems with the profanity in the app but after talking with apple we managed to release the app with an age appropriate rating. We did, however, have to censor the app name and some of the screenshots but otherwise the app is as profane as it can get.

Any chance you would do a “where the fuck should I get a pizza/curry?”
We’re very close to launching a similar food related site – watch this space!

Help me understand the collective better – made up of programmers and designers? Tell me as if I were you speaking to a child.
We’re a small bunch of creative people who make and do cool stuff for cool brands.

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wherethefuckshouldigofordrinks.com is a profanity laden tool to quickly find drinking establishments near you. It is available as an app for iPhone and iPad on the Apple App store.
(app store link ) – http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/where-f***-should-i-go-for/id501210007?ls=1&mt=8