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Which Wine Should You Pair With Your Weed?

on 14/06/15 at 11:37 am

Booze News

imagesForget the cheese and charcuterie.

More and more states are choosing to legalize marijuana. And as pot goes mainstream, it’s acquiring a new level of sophistication. A somewhat surprising byproduct of this phenomenon is the rise of wine (or beer) and weed pairings, Dan Nosowitz writes for Modern Farmer.

Weed has a long and cartoonishly unrefined relationship with food and drink. This relationship typically manifests in the form of the munchies. THC, the key ingredient in marijuana, tricks the brain into thinking it’s hungry; hence the junk food cravings. But the culture surrounding cannabis has recently branched out into a classier direction. Stores offer a much wider variety of flavors, and, as Jessica Bennett reported for the New York Times last year, professional pot reviewers analyze the flavor profiles of different strains to provide recommendations.

Now some are attempting to pair those flavors with an aromatic beverage. Sites like The Cannabist and Leafly now offer suggestions for the appropriate wine or beer to consume with one’s weed. And at least some people in the wine industry appear to be open to collaborating. Katie Shapiro of The Cannabist spoke to Paul Yanon, a sommelier at Mulderbosch Vineyards: