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Who wants to drink dessert-like vodka? Apparently a lot of people

on 02/05/12 at 11:49 am

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Eh what?! Fruit Loops Vodka

Craving a homey dessert? Maybe a sweet cereal or candy-store sugar fix? How about an ice-cold shot of vodka? From the tireless innovators who turned the flavourless-spirit aisle into a fruit stand comes the latest twist, booze with the cheery promise of a childhood treat.

Take your pick. There’s cake, cookie dough, whipped cream, cotton candy, gummy, key lime, marshmallow, even Froot Loops and that staple of SpongeBob lunchboxes everywhere, peanut butter and jelly. No whisk, spoon or spreading knife required, but an age-of-majority card helps.

Though still a tiny niche in the 500-million-case-a-year global vodka market, the confectionery segment grew by about 400 per cent last year. It’s already scored a major hit in both Canada and the United States with Pinnacle Whipped, now the No. 1 flavoured vodka brand, edging out such established fruit-based concoctions as Smirnoff Raspberry Twist and Absolut Citron. Not to be outdone, vodka leader Smirnoff has entered the fray with its own whipped-cream offering as well as Fluffed Marshmallow, both launched last month in select provinces.

“We’re having challenges trying to fulfill the demand,” said Rodolfo Aldana, director of marketing for white spirits at Diageo Canada, the local arm of Smirnoff’s parent. “In the confectionery category, we have at least three new flavours ready to go should the growth continue.”

FULL STORY via The Globe and Mail

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