Whoa. Guy buys 3011 shots for $36,890 & for complete strangers!

on 14/12/10 at 11:25 am

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Geronimo shot bar Tokyo

A TOKYO civil servant humbled brokers missing out on their annual bonus by buying a record $36,890 round of shots at the Geronimo bar.

The notorious record of ostentatious drinks-buying by Tokyo’s traders, hedge-fund managers and brokers was smashed on Saturday by Kaz Miura, who shouted the round of shots.

Mr Miura, an architect working for the US government achieved the unlikely feat in brazen defiance of a sour market mood that has built amid a relentless exodus of big-spending foreign bankers from Japan during a dismal quarter for the Japanese economy.

The 3011 shots he bought in the Geronimo Shot Bar challenge is unlikely to be beaten until Tokyo’s bankers start receiving decent bonuses again – a potentially long wait.

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