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Whole Foods Launches New National Wine Club

on 11/09/14 at 10:01 am

Booze News

imagesWhole Foods Market is one of the most adored retailers in this country by its fans, stocking a wide array of high quality foodstuffs that can be tough to find in regular supermarkets. While detractors like to call it “Whole Paycheck” for its premium and often impulse-inspiring upscale products, there is at least one area where they consistently deliver high quality and great selection along with value – the wine shop.

Whole Foods claims to have been the first national grocer to open wine bars in its stores, and the first to serve draft wine from kegs, a superior method for ensuring freshness that is more sustainable at the same time (though this represents only a portion of their offerings). They are also one of the only retailers to employ a Master Sommelier, Devon Broglie, of which there are only 219 in the entire world, most of whom work in the best restaurants. Broglie, Whole Foods’ associate beverage buyer, was also just nominated by Wine Enthusiast magazine as America’s 2014 Sommelier of the Year, and is the only one of the five nominees working for a brick and mortar retailer.