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Wild Turkey Bourbon Offers Full-Time Job For Pardoned Presidential Turkey

on 30/11/11 at 11:18 am

Booze News

Wild Turkey┬« is helping the US fowl population in a Thanksgiving job creation effort with an offer to hire this year’s President-pardoned turkey as “spokesbird” at its bourbon distillery in Kentucky.

In a tradition dating back to the Truman presidency, the National Turkey Federation donates a live turkey to the President of the United States each Thanksgiving. The Chief Executive grants a pardon and this blessed turkey is spared from the kitchen table fate that its turkey brethren face. Past turkeys have lived out their post-pardon life in relaxation at Mount Vernon, Va. and Frying Pan Park (Fairfax County, Va.). This year, Wild Turkey wants to support its namesake by offering the gobbler a permanent role at its Wild Turkey Distillery in Lawrenceburg, KY.

“As a Wild Turkey employee for 57 years, I can attest with some authority that the distillery is a great place – and this turkey would be a welcomed attraction to our popular visitor’s center as our official spokesbird,” said Jimmy Russell, Master Distiller at Wild Turkey Bourbon. “Also, our recent distillery expansion not only enables us to produce twice the amount of Wild Turkey Bourbon for our fans, but it allows plenty of room for this turkey to spread his feathers out and live out his days in peace, with no threat of future Thanksgiving-related job cuts.”

Added Russell, “In a manner of direct speaking, we invite the President to give us the bird.”


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