Wine was one of the best investments of the 20th Century

on 16/07/14 at 3:28 pm

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indexMaking 10% returns a year…by buying more wine.

Wine was one of the best investments of the 20th Century according to a recent study, and returns are accelerating – but how do you actually invest in it and is it a realistic option? We take a look.

Savings rates are pitiful and the idea of buying stocks and shares is baffling to many – but what about putting money into wine?

It might not sound like a realistic option, but – if you can keep it corked – research from the University of Cambridge and HEC Paris and Vanderbilt University shows that over the past 100 years you would be better off with wine than a whole host of other money-making schemes – and the returns have only got better in recent years.

On top of that, big changes in the industry have made the fine wine market accessible to the average person, rather than millionaires and specialists.

“The wine market (as an asset class) wasn’t that accessible to the general public until 2006/7, it took time and money to invest and wasn’t quite as liquid,” Tom Gearing, founder of wine investment firm Cult Wines, told Yahoo Finance.

“But wine exchanges mean this is changing, and the internet means comparable prices are far more comparable now.”