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Wines market to men using sports, video games and sex-appeal

on 17/12/11 at 12:40 am

Booze News

The wine world is already so masculine, making special efforts to underscore its machismo seems akin to gluing chest hair to Rambo.

Nevertheless, “manly” wines are the industry’s latest fling, in large part due to young men being part of the fastest growing wine consumption demographic today: millennials. The challenge, however, is getting them to permanently swap beer for Bordeaux.

A new nationwide survey of 1,510 people finds four in 10 men believe there’s a lingering stereotype about wine being a woman’s drink. Of Canadians age 18 to 24, fully three-quarters consider wine more socially acceptable for older men to drink than guys their own age.

Winemakers are aiming to counter such perceptions, in part, by debuting labels so hyper-masculine as to deserve cameos in a Michael Bay movie.

B.C.’s Dirty Laundry sells a red blend called Bordello whose label features images of the Kama Sutra variety (bottles come with a magnifying glass for those who desire a closer look). Ontario’s Stratus Vineyards is widely known for its Wildass Riesling. Canadian golfer Mike Weir has his own wine, as does hockey great Wayne Gretzky.

And California’s Treasury Wine Estates operates a brand dubbed Sledgehammer, advertised as pairing best with women, video games, football and bar closings.


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