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X-rated cocktails show the saucier side of getting sauced

on 15/08/12 at 1:09 pm

Booze News

With all of the very serious attention paid to very serious cocktails in the past few years by very serious bartenders, it can be easy to forget that drinking is meant to be fun.






Not that there’s anything wrong with stroking your chin and musing over the unfolding complexity of an obscure bitter (we’re as guilty as the next Instagram cocktail photo addict in that regard), but the purpose of going to a bar or having a cocktail party is to socialize with friends, right? And, ideally, that leads to a different sort of socializing with one special friend.

Kirsten Amann, herself a cocktail nerd, hasn’t lost track of the fun. Her new book, “The Screaming Orgasm, 69 X-Rated Cocktails” (Running Press), is a trip through an array of sexy tipples. You may not see them ordered regularly in Boston’s craft cocktail bars, but their names, and easily-drinkable recipes, make them well-suited to romance.

Many we can’t mention by name here (these are X-rated, after all), but Amann’s selections range from old classics like the Hanky Panky to “less respectable” cocktails like Sex on the Beach. The recipes are divvied up into five stages of the courting process, from Flirting, to Hooking Up, Hot and Heavy, All the Way, One-Night Stand, and the inevitable follow-up, The Walk of Shame.