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YES! Beer Pong HD for iPhone and iPad

on 01/11/11 at 10:22 am

Booze News

Now you can play Beer Pong – with virtual beer! Not only does Beer Pong HD follow the official rules of the World Series of Beer Pong, it uses realistic physics algorithms and also uses the camera to simulate being drunk. Oh, and you better watch out if you play against the AI, as they will trash-talk you throughout the game in an effort to throw you off your game.

Although this is a virtual game with virtual beer, no one says you can’t be drinking a real frosty beverage while you play! Drink responsibly.

Be sure to check out the promo video below!


“Beer Pong HD” is the long awaited sequel to the only officially licensed Beer Pong game on the App Store: Beer Pong. It has improved graphics, more realistic physics, it uses the OFFICIAL rules as used in the World Series of Beer Pong, and best of all it is totally FREE! Throwing balls has been made very easy; it uses a similar mechanic as seen in Angry Birds : Pull the ball back, aim and shoot. So you”ll still be able to pick this game up if even when you had a few beers yourself. You can also play the game with your friends ONLINE or offline and share your highscores through OpenFeint and Game Center. You’ve messed with the rest – now try the best! And why not, it’s FREE!

  • Best looking visuals and most realistic physics of any beer pong on the market!
  • Easy to pick up throwing mechanism similar to Angry Birds
  • Beer Pong HD features the OFFICIAL BPONG.COM rules, used in every single match of every single World Series of Beer Pong
  • ONLINE multiplayer makes for the cleanest, most mess-free game of Beer Pong you’ve ever played with your friends in your life!
  • Over 15 different tables and cups to choose from
  • Online leaderboards and achievements through OpenFeint & Game Center, for the best social gaming experience
  • Prepare your ego as both male and female AIs will verbally assault you with a barrage of voice-over trash talking zingers!
  • See if you can hold on to your phone while the camera simulates you being drunk
  • The game has a counter for the number of cups scored globally!

Beer Pong HD is available on the iPhone and iPad for free.





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