Yes! Making Barrel-Aged Negroni in My New Cute 2L Oak Barrel

on 18/06/13 at 3:24 pm

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barrelWow, I couldn’t be more excited if Kimye named their new baby after me! My adorable little 2L barrel just arrived! I washed it out according to directions, and it’s now sitting on my countertop waiting to swell and close the staves. Then I’ll rinse it again and pour in all the delicious Negroni ingredients – gin, sweet vermouth, campari – tamp the plug and let the barrel do its thing. In a few weeks, I’ll have Negroni nectar.

This picture of the barrel makes it look waaay bigger than it is. I’ll be updating as the aging goes along. Although there really won’t be much to report except tasting it in a couple of weeks to make sure everything is copacetic.


Got my barrel from the nice folks at:
Oak Barrels, Ltd.