New York: Alcohol-related emergency room visits skyrocket

on 18/11/10 at 10:40 am

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Heavy-drinking hospital visits vary greatly by neighborhood, the survey found - with wealthy areas seeing the highest number of drunken emergency room trips.

Heavy boozing has caused a shocking spike in drunken injuries and emergency room visits in New York, a troubling new study says.Nearly 74,000 people wound up in hospitals in 2009 for alcohol-related reasons, compared with just 22,000 in 2003 – a jump of nearly 250%, said the city Health Department study, which was released yesterday.

“Excessive alcohol use in general is a serious problem,” said Health Commissioner Thomas Farley. “The data suggest that the problem is getting worse.”

Hard drinkers wind up in the ER for reasons ranging from alcohol poisoning to barroom fights and drunken spills.

The top boozing neighborhoods, with more than 4% of their overall emergency room visits linked to alcohol, are Greenwich Village, Murray Hill and Chelsea in Manhattan; Bay Ridge and Greenpoint in Brooklyn, and the northeastern stretches of Queens.

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