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You want this? $700 Vapshot vaporizes your delicious booze

on 17/07/14 at 4:08 pm

Booze News

indexDrinking is great, but there are so many drawbacks — the calories, the broken glassware, the half-hour wait for the buzz. Fortunately, Vapshot can solve all those issues (apart from the alcoholism) with its Vapshot mini machine by letting you inhale your liquor as a mist instead of drinking it.

Vapshot mini is designed to vaporize alcohol, which you can inhale with a straw. It hits you instantly and kick starts your buzz. Vapshot mini is simple to set up and use. Put your favorite liquor into the machine, inject the mixture into the Vapshot serving bottle and you’ve got a Vapshot ready to go. Twist to pop the top and you’ve got yourself a vaporized drink that’s going to rock your world.