Covell…finally, a bar I can call my "local"

on 12/08/10 at 10:57 pm


No doubt if you live in LA, you’ve heard of Covell (pronounced kō VELLE) by now. It’s that comfortable little neighborhood bar in Los Feliz (pronounced Los FEE-liz by some, Los Fe-LEEZ by others…anyone know for sure?) that easily becomes a ‘local’, as in “my local” when talking about where one hangs out. But even if you’re just visiting, it’s a great place to observe the natives and drink some kickass wine specially selected for you by charming owner, Dustin Lancaster, or charming General Manager & Wine Director, Matthew Kaner. They really know their stuff and love introducing you to wines you’ll never find at 7-11.  Plus, they have a very tasty selection of revolving beer taps.

After a full day in front of the computer, I totally needed a distraction, so I headed down to my local and relaxed with a delicious pint of Jolly Pumpkin and a discreet taste of Pliny the Elder. A great way to get revved up for more work into the wee hours.

Wish my local were open at 3am!

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