Daring Californians Invest in Mexico’s Wine Industry

on 26/09/10 at 6:24 pm

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Tru and Don Miller were the first major California investors in the premier wine country of Mexico, located in Valle de Guadalupe. They established a magnificent B&B, hired a good winemaker, supplemented with one of the top regional vineyard managers, and the rest is history. Their B&B has attracted the rich and famous, presidents, international travelers and members of the global wine, food and travel media. The pioneering and capital investment of the Miller’s into the Mexican wine industry has brought much international attention to Mexico’s wine culture.

I recently enjoyed a few hours talking with Don Miller in his tasting room and wine cellar learning more about what’s transpired over the years following his original adventure into Mexico’s premier wine country. Don told me, “I expected a good journey,  this adventure has more than met my dreams and vision. The key for me has been our passion and care directed towards this project.” In addition, we talked about his evolution as a winery owner and producer of premium wine. He states, “I’ve learned to step back a little when I need to, be less involved, trust more and be patient. Over the years I’ve grown to understand my land, the dynamics of the national and international wine markets, thus I’m much more confident in the operation and guidance of this winery.” I asked Don why Adobe Guadalupe wines have attracted so much attention and market share in Mexico and abroad? He reveals, “our key to success has been proving consistent quality, good reasonable pricing, followed with good wine.”

Adobe Guadalupe Vineyards and Inn has a diverse portfolio of high quality wines, most of which are named (in memory of a beloved lost son) after archangels, The oldest vintage Don is pouring today is his 2006 Miguel, a complex blend of 75% Tempranillo, 8% Grenache and 17% Cabernet Sauvignon, aged for eleven months in quality oak barrels, with a limited production of 11.000 bottles.  His second label of 2007 Jardin Secreto is a refreshing blend of Tempranillo, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Mourvedre, and Cinsault. A popular wine is the 2008 Kerubiel, a structured blend of 44% Syrah, 26% Cinsault, 26% Mourvedre, 3% Grenache, and 1% Viognier. Don’s 2008 Gabriel is an elegant wine with 72% Merlot, 33% Malbec, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, aged in premium oak barrels for eleven months, with a limited production of 7,000 bottles. Don’s youngest vintage is his 2009 Uriel, a Rhone-style Rosé with a unique blend of Cinsault, Tempranillo, Syrah, Barbera, Sauvignon Blanc , and Muscatel, no oak, with a small production of 5,200  bottles. Mr. Miller suggests a food pairing of this Vino Rosado with lobster soup, or grilled watermelon. The newest “Star” from Adobe Guadalupe is their recent release of 2008 Rafael, an elegant/stunning blend of 65% Cabernet Sauvignon and 35% Nebbiolo, aged in eleven months in quality oak barrels, with a limited production of 7,000 bottles.

Don and Tru Miller have been key players in getting international recognition for Mexican wines. I ask Don what he thinks the most significant improvements in the evolution of Mexican wines has been? His simple answer, “more knowledge of vineyard management, gaining a better concept of the dynamics of (vine) stress management, and having more trained enologists.”  One fact is certain, Adobe Guadalupe Vineyard and Inn produces some of Mexico’s best wines, offers luxury lodging accommodations and can provide gourmet meals as requested. The Miller’s had a dream, surpassed their expectations, and have further enhanced the quality of the Mexican wine, food and travel cultures. Their tasting room and Inn are open by reservation only, please visit Mexico’s #1 web site for more details at: www.bajawineandcuisine.com. In addition, you can view several events filmed at Adobe Guadalupe on our TV show: The Grapevine via DVD clips posted on our web site.

BoozeNews reporter, Steve Dryden is an international wine, culinary, travel writer and TV show host, who has lived in Mexico’s premier wine country for seven years. Steve guides small group wines tours at: sbdryden@hotmail.com

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