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Forget what you think you know Riesling cause it’s most assuredly wrong

on 19/02/13 at 5:15 pm

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rieslingtastingRiesling gets a bad rap. Typically thought of as a sweet wine, American winos couldn’t be more wrong. Maybe your first icky experience was way-back-when and you swore you’d never drink Riesling again. Put that memory behind you and step up to some incredible wines.

Happily, I had the chance to taste Rieslings from S.A. Prüm, a family-owned winery in mid-Mosel, the best growing area in the Mosel region, at a tasting event put on by LearnAboutWine, Ian Blackburn‘s terrific company specializing in wine education and events. And an education it was. rieseling2


Raimund Prüm


Raimund Prüm led us through the tasting of six Rieslings and two eisweins. The first thing he told us was, “If you think you know about Riesling, you don’t – forget about what you think you know.”

Here are just a few things I learned:
– Riesling rests in 1000 litre oak barrels that are 50, 60 years old! That’s right…hence, no taste of wood.
– Slate, both gray and red, is the terroir.
– All Riesling has screw caps as it’s prone to cork taint.
– Riesling pairs well with all kinds of meat. Who knew.
– Foie gras needs at least Auslese

The International Riesling Foundation is an excellent site that will guide you and inform you about everything you’ll want to know about Rieslings. And then taste them. Try any Riesling with the S.A.Prüm label and you won’t go wrong.


Check out LearnAboutWine:  310.451.7600