Have Yourself A Merry Holiday Cocktail at Border Grill (downtown)

on 05/12/11 at 6:51 pm

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It had been a while since I tippled at Border Grill so when I got an invitation to go downtown to check out their new cocktail program for the holidays, I was there faster than it takes to pop a cork.

Alexander Fazio

Bartender, Alexander Fazio, and Bar Manager, Mary King delightfully embellished each cocktail with stories about their first time ever to have drink….I think he was 15, she was 4 or 5! Ok, they didn’t have a full on cocktail at that age but twas the first time to taste alcohol. Side note: In fact, when I was but a child, my dad used to pour a small glass of beer for me whenever we had steak, and now, surprise! I’m an inveterate beer lover. So, Alex and Mary were perfect hosts who obviously love what they do. They approach each new cocktail with a creative spirit and the results are light, pretty and drinkable.


King of Squash

My favorite kind of surprised me as I don’t usually like this kind of thing but the King of Squash: herradura anejo tequila, mescal mist, pumpikin syrup, rosemary and candied ginger – was delicious and tasted like Christmas. The Cranhattan: herradura anejo tequila, fresh cranberry puree, cranberry syrup and brandied cranberries – while cranberries are ‘of the season’, I could imagine sipping this baby on a warm summer’s night.

The bar snacks that were paired with the cocktails were terrific. Another reason to go downtown…check it out!


445 S. Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90071
phone: 213.486.5171


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