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Ice Ice Baby? Not your Sipping Stones

on 14/08/12 at 4:28 pm

BoozeBlog, Shop

Reporting: D.R. Stewart

I once had a gal-pal who worked for Pepsi. She said the trick with a soda, is to make sure “it will stand up to ice.” Ice does battle with all liquids, it brings them frost we desire, but it leaves them with the dilution we dodge. Sipping Stones solves this epic skirmish.

They are 100% pure soapstone, composed of talc, non-porous, claim to not impart taste, nor react to any of the elixirs that form our beverages, but give the chill that fulfills.

They look rather rad, and will make any drink look like a Druid’s potion. Roll the dice and buy some. It will give you at least 30 minutes of conversation at your next party with the dull database designer.