Noshing My Way Thru L.A.’s First Vegan Beer Festival

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Full disclosure, I am not a vegan, but then you are probably not either since less than 1% of the US population claims to be vegan.  To those of you unfamiliar with the term vegan, it is defined as both a life style and a philosophy of individuals that do not consume or utilize (as in leather shoes, belts, car seats, or anything else) animal products of any kind. Goodbye McDonalds. So what does this have to do with craft beer? Well, that is unclear, other than the fact that vegans put considerable thought into what they consume. Which brings us, or rather me, to the Los Angeles Vegan Beer Fest. Since my byline is Beer Chaser, it shouldn’t be too much of a strain to understand that, not unlike ants and sugar, I elected to be present.

The event, held this past Saturday, November 7th, at the Sunset Strip’s stylish Roxy night club, which was a co-sponsor along with Tony’s Darts Away, an excellent craft beer bar in beautiful downtown Burbank and the subject of a missive by me at a later date, and Quarry Girl, a vegan blogger who likes to promote all things vegan.

Over 50 craft beers were served including many of those distributed by Stone Brewery. Since I tend to like almost every craft beer that comes in a liquid format, I have not been asked to review the beers. I would like to note that I did encounter a new concept in the offerings of Brewbakers, a Huntington Beach, California, outfit that allows you to utilize their equipment and brew your own beer.

In any event, I will address the vegan food. Most of it was interesting and excellent. Two of the establishments deserve special mention. Sea Birds offered uniformly excellent fare. The Sweet Potato fries were every bit as good as those offered by the Blue Palm in Hollywood, and the BBQ Tofu tacos were as good or better as any meat version. They can be located at and I would strongly recommend hooking up with them at your first opportunity. Doomie’s Home Cooking seemed to be the favorite of almost everybody. I sampled their jalapeno poppers and found them to be extraordinary. They will be opening a permanent location in Hollywood next month and I can’t recommend them highly enough. Google them for lots of positive reviews and for information about their new location and opening date.

It has been a long day, having spent hours drinking great craft beer and eating some excellent vegan food, so I will sign off with this thought, “Even if you have to let the cat starve, next year attend this outstanding event.”

Report by Beer Chaser

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