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Silverlake Wine Washington Wine Tasting

on 10/01/11 at 10:59 pm

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“Whenever you hear people say, ‘this winery is important, that winery is important’ – the only thing that truly makes a winery important is that they make good wine.” ~ Randy Clement

There are few places to be other than Silverlake Wine on lazy Sunday afternoons in LA where the wine tasting events expand your taste buds to regions new and yet to be explored, to grapes you didn’t know existed, where the food pairing is delicioso, and where you will learn the most unusual facts, spins and stories about wine that you most likely will not hear any place else.

George Cosette and Randy Clement offer rather diverse presentations about the wines that are being tasted that day – George, steady and academic, has more wine facts at hand than a hundred encyclopedias, instructs the attentive crowd about the more technical aspects of the wine, while Randy…well, Randy, let’s face it, is a wine savant who serves up his wine knowledge in savory and obscure facts about winemakers, juicy stories behind the labels and some of the best analogous flourishes to illustrate his points this side of the Rockies. After all, he is from New Orleans where story telling is a fine-tuned tradition.

But, wait! There’s more. More often than not, we get lucky, mighty lucky, to have food paired with the wines made by super fabulous chef, Matthew Polley, with scrumptious desserts made by the super beautiful, Tara Maxey, of Heirloom LA – the go-to caterers for the hip and happening.

There are always five wines paired with a tasty complementary dish. So, on to the wines this past Sunday from the great state of Washington:

Maison Bleue “Jaja” Yakima 2009
Maison Bleue Marsanne “Petite Joie” Roushey Vineyard Yakima 2009
O’Shea Scarborough “Midnight” Columbia Valley 2008
Abbot’s Table Columbia Valley 2009
Owen Roe “Sinister Hand” Columbia Valley 2009

In case you missed the wine tasting, or just want to review what you learned, or happily relive Randy telling the story of The Sinister Hand, BoozeNews has exclusive footage for your viewing pleasure:

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