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Spirited Women’s Group Imbibe Delicious Gin Cocktails at Westside Tavern

on 20/08/11 at 1:54 pm

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I know it’s hard for some to ‘get with’ gin but I think all of those doubters were won over the other night at our Spirited Women’s cocktail group at the Westside Tavern. Wow, we were treated to some delectable cocktails by Silamith Weir, English Gins Connoisseur, and made to perfection by fabulous bartender, Kylee Van Dillen.

White Peach & Basil Gimlet

Silamith guided us by starting us out with a White Peach and Basil Gimlet. An easy to love, perfect summer cocktail made with Plymouth gin, pressed basil, white peach puree, lime juice and egg white. This is made with gin? some Spirited Women asked. The nose of the basil greeted you as sipped the gin ambrosia of white peaches and the froth of egg white. It was indeed made with gin and after people got over their surprise, they wanted more.

Pepper Smash

Next up was a Pepper Smash, a gorgeous looking drink made with Beefeater gin, pressed spearmint, lemon and bell pepper juices with homemade clover honey syrup. How’s that for a stunning gin cocktail? And it was delicious as it was beautiful.

All the while, Silamith was graciously educating us about gin, and then gave us each a taster of Beefeater and Plymouth to compare side-by-side. That gave us a good chance to savor gin unadorned. Plates of sliced strawberries, sliced cucumbers and cracked pepper were brought out for us to taste along with each gin. So interesting how the different tastes influenced the taste of the gins. The Plymouth was smooth and round with lovely botanicals not overwhelmed with juniper – which gives it a leg-up for those who have a ‘juniper bias’. The Beefeater was well-balanced and had a bit more of a juniper hit. Both wonderful. We were also treated to delicious hummus and flat bread snacks which we gobbled up forthwith. But, for me, the pièce de résistance was the Negroni made with Beefeater gin. Kylee put in some magic when she made that drink. I’ve had many a Negroni but this one was special and one that I’ll go back for. In fact, I was so bowled over that I forgot to take a picture of it. Just get over there and have her make you one.

Silamith continued with more cocktails and more lively gin talk and she deserves Big Props for making the evening really memorable. We are now gin converts on the way to becoming connoisseurs and are hip to ordering Plymouth and Beefeater gins in our cocktails. If you’ve been ‘gin averse’, seriously, give it a try. Your palate will thank you.


Ashley, Silamith & Bea

Silamith informs





Harriet, Ashley & Nicolette

If you’d like to be notified when the next Spirited Women’s cocktail group will be cocktailin’, let me know by leaving a comment or email me: judi@boozenews.com. We are working on our new “a woman walks into a bar…” website where Spirited Women will soon be ensconced. Stay tuned.


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