Stone 14th Anniversary Celebration Beer Festival

on 23/08/10 at 6:09 pm


150 beers and so little time. The Stone 14th Anniversary Beer Fest was hot as hell, as usual, but oh, so worth it. This year they added a Friday night VIP reception offering an opportunity to shmooze with top brewers, complimentary food and a nice uncrowded area to start your drinking weekend. I was hoping for at least a couple of exceptional surprises but the list of beers was nothing special…meaning that they were all good but wanted a ‘wow’ factor.

Saturday, we started out at the rare beer area, another first for this festival, and were very happy with the dilemma of having to choose which rare beer to choose so we could gloat to those poor suckers who couldn’t attend. Full disclosure: I am an IPA, hops lover, a Belgian brew fan among other wonderful beers, but I really don’t like stouts or porters – so with that, my tasting options were limited. Turns out that there are 3 kinds of beer-lovers: people, like me, who don’t like stouts; those who only like stouts and porters and can’t abide hops; and the lucky ones I call bi-beer lovers who love them both.

My rare beer fav was Greenflash Super Freak Belgian-style IPA. Delish.  BrewDog beer was my overall favorite…the Scottish ale and Hardcore IPA…delectable.  I have to say,  those BrewDog brewers give the best PR ever. You gotta love them just for that!  Greg Koch, cool Stone partner,  is going to have dinner with the BrewDog folks up there in Aberdeen, Scotland sometime in the fall. I asked if I could carry his beer for him…uh, not. Could more collaboration be in the future?

Say fellas, if you really want to make a statement about what a devoted beer drinker and beer festival attendee you are, make sure you wear your kilt. What? You don’t have one? If you don’t have a family tartan, no worries…there were fabulous denim and khaki kilts worn by beer-fashionistas , and I have to say, they looked damn good. Maybe Greg will get one in Scotland. Can a gargoyle be part of a Stone tartan? Note to self: get kilt for Denver.

I didn’t make it through all 150 beers but it looked like some diehards did…and the event ended none too soon for them. The most important thing about this fabulous event is that 100%…didja hear that? 100% of the proceeds go to local charities.  Stone deserves big-time accolades for putting on this event year after year.  Just shows you, beer drinkers have a lot of heart!

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