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Tequila Taste Test at SkyBar

on 13/09/12 at 1:15 pm


Reported and taste tested by: D.R. Stewart

While the Mondrian’s SkyBar was recently voted the 16th Douchiest Bar in LA, Boozenews found it perfectly hospitable when drinking free tequila, hosted by Master Distiller Jesus Hernandez. Not just any old swill, but a tequila made 2014 meters above Sea Level. Olmeca Altos is available in Plata and Reposado, and we got to taste both last night. The tequila was created in concert with Henry Besant, resplendent in his sear sucker suit. Besant heads up Brands Management for Olmeca Altos.


It was a blind taste testing against tequila competitors, so picking the right tequila to like or dislike with the maker right in front of you = disconcerting. I actually thought the Plata version of Olmeca Altos was Patron. A compliment from me, but in snobby tequila circles, many have turned on what was once the silver standard.

The night ended with five cocktails made from Olmeca Altos: Tommy’s Margarita, Tegroni, Raspberry and Pineapple Smash, Cougar Magnum and Jasmine Tea Punch. Tommy’s Margie: was my fav  — it doubled up on agave, using the plant nectar’s extract to sweeten even more.

Rob Edwards (writer of Disney’s “Princess and the Frog”) marvels as D.R. Stewart eats more of the boiled agave that was meant really for display purposes only  …