Welcome to boozenews.com

on 28/06/10 at 5:53 pm


index2Welcome to boozenews.com where you’ll find all the news about booze in one convenient website! Beer, wine, spirits, cocktails, products, industry news & more will make your drinking life more fun, will inform you about the latest goings-on with your preferred alcoholic beverages, pique your interest in new booze, and keep you up-to-date on the alcohol industry.

Our intrepid reporters are embedded in bars, lounges, breweries, wineries, distilleries, industry boardrooms, restaurants, 7-11’s, and the corner liquor store working hard to bring you the important booze news of the day.

People’s interest in drinking – let me rephrase that – in quality drinking is taking root in the form of craft beers, sophisticated cocktails, re-emerging old-time mixed drinks, and wines from around the world. Palates are becoming more seasoned, graduating from macro-brews to micro-brews, from rot gut to mixology, and from Two Buck Chuck to Slovenian varietals. So, too, are people interested in the latest news about their favorite beverages or what’s new on the scene, products to make their drinking life more witty and entertaining. Could it possibly be more entertaining?!

This is the reason boozenews.com came into being…to serve the drinking public, beverage connoisseurs and drinking neophytes. We want you to make this place your space to connect with others who love booze. We will have guest bloggers offering a variety of perspectives on booze whether from behind the bar or in front of it, cool videos with cool industry people, take you behind the scenes where the booze is fermented, distilled, and barreled. You  can submit videos about your boozing life, too.  Your news tips, comments and suggestions would be much appreciated. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Again, Welcome! Ladies and Gentlemen, start your livers!