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Charlotte, N.C. Craft Beer Week: March 11 – 20

on 07/03/11 at 9:55 pm


Charlotte Craft Beer Week Returns for it’s Second Year of Beer Appreciation.

Hand Crafted Domestic and Gourmet Imported Beers to be Celebrated in the Queen City.

Beer aficionados rejoice! Craft and Import beer fans of Charlotte will be happy to know that their efforts of requesting and purchasing great beer in the area is being rewarded with another Charlotte Craft Beer Week. Last year’s beer week provided beer fans with 38 different events throughout the Charlotte area and included beer tastings, gourmet beer & food pairings and a freaky event that boasted a circus like atmosphere, called “Freak Fest”, which featured fire breathers, a girl on a bed of nails and a human pin cushion, all based around great craft beers from the USA. Great breweries from America and across the world will be on display during the 2nd Annual Charlotte Craft Beer Week, at events across the Charlotte region. Check back often for updates!


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