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Cider Rules! Cider Fest Coming Up 9/19! Be there!

on 01/08/15 at 11:19 am

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woman-barfinal2Ok, when you think of cider, what comes to mind? Sweet? Martinelli’s? Apple juice? What’s cider? Ok, you need an update. I had the same misconceptions which were mightily corrected when I had a kickass cider tasting with Mark McTavish, President of Half Pint Ciders and I had a personal epiphany. Cider rules!


Some tasty ciders!

First thing I learned is that cider is called ‘cider’, not ‘hard’ cider which is redundant as cider is fermented from the juice of apples and therefore alcoholic. So, it’s ‘hard’ naturally. There is some dispute about this etymology according to wikipedia but let’s just stick to ‘cider’.

Cider has a long history. It was being made in the south of England when the Romans invaded in 55 BC, also in France and Spain and introduced in America by the first ‘immigrants’ from England. There is a plethora of great sites that will fill you in on the extensive history and influence of the fascinating history of cider so my recommendation is to check out this great site history of cider which is also about all things cider. Understanding its history adds to the enjoyment of tasting what’s in your glass.

The good news for the health conscious – and even if you aren’t you’ll get the benefits – is that cider is gluten-free, full of healthy enzymes and anti-oxidants and can be relatively low in alcohol but check the label, of course.

Click on this link to watch Mark pour delicious Spanish cider

As a devoted craft beer drinker (I can prove it…I drink beer for breakfast), I was wary of drinking cider. Well, this tasting totally turned my opinion on its head. Mark poured possibly fifteen ciders, all distinctly different and yet definitely cider. They were not sweet but dry, some lightly carbonated, some a bit more, some were clear, some opaque as they were bottle conditioned but all were a wonderful revelation. I don’t want to say “an occasional alternative to beer” because cider completely stands on its own. One of my favorites was Half Pint’s Cider House Cactus Red, a delicious watermelony cider that I couldn’t stop drinking. Luckily, it’s at Whole Foods along with the whole line of Half Pint ciders as well as many others. Cider is a wonderful food beverage so buy a bunch and do you own tasting accompanied by some delectable cheeses. cider6

Or better yet, attend the Cider Fest coming up Saturday, September 19th at Raleigh Studios. There will be ten pavilions of all kinds of ciders, a craft concierge to help you figure out what you might like to taste as well as large screens with presentations designed to entertainingly inform you. Seriously, this is a fabulous opportunity to taste a wide range of ciders, cider cocktails and get yourself educated!

See you there!


CIDERFESTLA.COM for tix and information

More tasty ciders!

More tasty ciders!