A New Classic: "Reading between the Wines"

on 14/11/10 at 1:00 pm

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This book about why wine is important is going to end up taking its place among the most important wine books ever written.

Beauty, according to the brilliant importer and writer Terry Theise, is what we’re ultimately seeking in life. Start there. Everything else is exposition. And the beauty in Theise’s prose is his refusal to be ashamed or embarrassed by genuine emotion.

This is no insignificant point. If you’re a man, you can probably think of many times in your life where you fought tears because revealing a soft spot would have been seen as effeminate. If you’re a woman, you can probably think of men to whom you’ve implored, “Don’t you ever cry?”

Terry Theise cries. And he laughs, and he thinks, and he’s not afraid for you to know it. What’s more, he cries about wine. That’s perhaps not entirely fair, because for Theise, wine is not something to be scored, but rather a connective tissue that can tap into our deeper emotional selves. Wine can connect generations, even those long since passed. Wine can recall places — sometimes the place of a milestone in life; other times a seemingly routine walk down a quiet path. Read on for the full review.

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