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Appleton Estate ReMixology Bartender Challenge

on 07/07/11 at 4:49 pm


REMIXOLOGY is a Bartender challenge of Cocktail Creation Skill & Inspiration

In a song, the chorus has the main theme and hook.  Appleton Estate Reserve is the “theme and hook” in your cocktail.  Build the theme, add the verses, top with a title and garnish with a picture and then explain your inspiration when submitting your cocktail recipe at: www.appletonreservemixologychallenge.com

The Challenge:

Your goal is to create a beautifully balanced original Appleton Estate Reserve cocktail with harmony of ingredients inspired by your favorite published song.

Willy Shine, Founding Partner of Contemporary Cocktails, Inc. a world renowned beverage consultancy and host of this competition, provides the following description for your entry:

·      Be a U.S. citizen that speaks fluent English

·      Possess no criminal record

·      Be able to present a valid passport for possible foreign travel

·      Contestants must be affiliated with an on-premise account and provide a bar/restaurant/club release signed by an authorized officer of each bar/restaurant/club allowing Appleton to feature and/or mention the establishment in all communication

·      Your cocktail must contain Appleton Estate Reserve Jamaica Rum as the main ingredient.

·      Your cocktail must be inspired by a recognizable, published song.

·      Your cocktail must have a creative name

·      All ingredients should be available year-round – nothing seasonal.

·      All ingredients should be obtainable – or should be able to be made from scratch – without undue difficulty or expense anywhere within the continental U.S.

·      Your cocktail will be judged not only on taste and originality, but presentation, creativity and fusion of song to cocktail

Competition Closes on Wednesday, July 27, 2011 8pm EST


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