Asahi regains top spot in declining Japanese beer market

on 18/01/11 at 9:09 am


Asahi Breweries reportedly regained the top spot in the Japanese beer market in 2010 as demand for beer in the country continues to fall.

According to data released by the leading five brewers in Japan, total shipments of beer and beer-like drinks dropped 2.8 per cent last year.

Shrinking beer market

It is the sixth year in a row that beer consumption in Japan has declined. The size of the market has been shrinking as tastes diversify, the population ages and the economy falters.

Even Asahi Breweries saw its shipments fall last year despite recapturing the first place position in the market from Kirin. Asahi now holds a 37.5 per cent share of the market with Kirin in second place at 36.7 per cent.

Both the two leading breweries lost ground to their smaller rivals over the course of the year.

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