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Budweiser tries to reverse long-term slump with Virginia-brewed ‘craft’ beer

on 02/10/12 at 10:24 am


Budweiser is known as a St. Louis beer. But starting October 29, there’ll be a Bud brew that comes from Virginia, the Richmond Times Dispatch reported today.

Craft-style beer is one of two new marketing tactics Budwesier is trying in an attempt to recapture a lost generation of beer drinkers and reverse a consecutive quarter-century of slumping sales.

One tactic was a Labor Day weekend music festival in Philadelphia kicking off a television campaign featuring hip-hop star Jay-Z.

The other was Project 12.

You might think the name comes from the fact that only one beer of every twelve sold today is a Budweiser (compared to one of every four in 1988).

But what it really comes from is a brewing contest. The brand commissioned its twelve brewmasters to create new (to Budweiser) craft-type beers. Taste-testing by 10,000 attendees at the Philadelphia event narrowed the dozen down to three, which are being combined into twelve-packs, to go on sale starting October 29, with a “craft” beer from Virginia in them.

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em

While Budweiser sales have been slumping, the rest of the industry hasn’t been doing so hot either.