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Constellation spends $20M on California wineries, vineyards

on 27/09/13 at 10:07 am


imagesConstellation Brands Inc. (NYSE: STZ) says it’s spending over $20 million in several of its California wineries and vineyard operations to expand its growing, crushing, fermenting, storing and bottling capacities.

The expansions are prompted by increased demand for the company’s brands and creating additional efficiencies with in-house and state-of-the-art technologies, it says.

“The need for more land, fermenters, tanks and bottling lines is a direct result of the success of our brands,” says Jay Wright, president, Wine and Spirits Division, Constellation Brands. “We see a bright future for our California brands and are committed to ensuring that we can meet consumer demand.”

While the projects are in various stages of completion, most are expected to be completed by the end of 2013, the company says. In addition to hiring local contractors and labor to support construction, development, installation and maintenance for each project, Constellation will add 15-25 employees to accommodate the increased production and operations activities, it says.