France: More scotch whisky sold in a month, than cognac in a year

on 29/06/10 at 10:43 pm


That means that more than 5 bottles of scotch are shipped to France every second. Wow.

Meanwhile, there is even more positive news on the export front, with the SWA’s announcement that a 12 per cent rise in exports during 2009 confirmed France as Scotch whisky’s largest market by volume, with the equivalent of 179 million bottles imported. More Scotch whisky is therefore sold in one month in France than Cognac in a year. Scotch whisky also outsells traditional anise-based drinks and accounts for over a third of the total French spirits market. 2009 industry figures reveal that the value of exports to France has more than doubled to £407 million over the last decade, with Scotch whisky accounting for around a quarter of all Scottish exports to the market. Gavin Hewitt, Chief Executive of The Scotch Whisky Association, says that “Scotch whisky’s continued success in France is a Scottish export success story, with French consumers appreciating the authenticity, flavour and heritage of our brands. Last year was a record one for Scotch whisky distillers in what has become our largest market by volume.”

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