Guinness Makes Play for the U.S. Market

on 11/10/10 at 4:09 pm


The brewer of Guinness is making one of its biggest marketing pushes in the U.S. in years to bolster sales, including a sports-themed advertising campaign and the introduction of two new versions of the Irish stout.

The effort by the U.S. beer division of London-based drinks giant Diageo PLC comes as Guinness and other imports face a choppy economy and rising competition from domestic, small-batch “craft” brewers.

Starting this week, Guinness will run ads on ESPN and other channels starring such sports figures as retired football star Jerome Bettis. In his ads, the bruising, former Pittsburgh Steelers running back will highlight the message that the robust beer is “only for the bold.” One of his former coaches, the square-jawed Bill Cowher, will appear in similar ads.

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