New Jersey: Old Judgment Threatens Consumer-Direct Wine Sales

on 27/12/10 at 9:02 am


Forgotten New Jersey case could give equal privileges to out-of-state wineries.

A recent court decision regarding New Jersey wine laws could potentially threaten the rights of wineries to have satellite tasting rooms and self distribute their wines—or it could allow out-of-state wineries to have those privileges. The case seemingly rose from the dead and slipped unnoticed through the system. It originated as a standard direct-to-consumer suit some seven years ago, before the Supreme Court’s Granholm v. Heald decision changed the playing field, and before New Jersey changed its laws to prohibit any direct shipping.

Ordinarily, defendants can offer evidence before the court, but in this case neither wineries nor the state presented any. Apparently, no out-of-state wineries were pushing for it.

{Full story via Wines and Vines}

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