Scottish Spirits Exporting Whisky To India

on 14/12/10 at 4:43 pm

Scottish Spirits Ltd extended its operation in India in the name of Scottish Spirits PVT. Scottish Spirits PVT is the sole INDIAN importer for Scottish Spirits LTD, which specializes in manufacturing and distributing Scotch whisky worldwide.

The full Scotch whisky product line consists of 18 Scotch whisky brands bottled in 180 ml, 750 ml and litre at 43% volumes. Scotch whisky is suitable for drinking straight up or with soda, tea or other mixers.

CEO, Mr.Manish Panshal, is in charge of the INDIAN operations. Mr. Manish is now engaged in focusing to establish a strong distributor network throughout the Indian States, and to introduce Scottish Spirits to Indian consumers.

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