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Spirits Brand Champions 2013

on 07/02/14 at 12:53 pm


captain-morgan-286x500It’s been a mixed year of fortune for the world’s leading spirit brands, but only a select few can achieve the prestigious status of Brand Champion 2013.

This is our annual snapshot of spirit brand performance – an attempt to identify the true champions of the industry that are not necessarily the biggest sellers, but the ones that have achieved the most in 2012. Some brands may have sailed past a significant personal milestone while others have simply outperformed the market more than their rivals. In doing so they have helped drive the category forward and not just surfed on its back.

Inevitably it is a subjective judgement, and with our independently verified data, not all the million-case brands are covered. Some companies are more secretive than others. On which note company reports are bound to put a positive spin on results, favouring value one year and volume the next. This report is unashamedly based on volume, which provides a clear-cut measure of popularity, unlike value, which is a more moveable feast. In a mature market like the UK, for example, value gains in a particular category are often simply down to increased tax.

For this report we have not included regional Asian spirits, but it is worth pointing out that baijiu is well over twice the size of vodka, and lest Smirnoff becomes complacent, its 25.8 million cases pales besides Jinro – the Korean soju brand and world’s best-selling spirit on 65.3m cases. There is also the fact that eight out of the 10 top whiskies are Indian. And yet with rising incomes and aspirations in the big emerging markets, the tide definitely appears to favour the Bacardi’s, Pernod’s and Diageo’s of this world at present.