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Think vodka is world’s bestselling spirit? Think again – it’s…

on 11/06/12 at 10:29 am


Jinro and Lotte Liquor are not only the two top soju brands in Korea but the No. 1 and 3 spirits in the entire world. Jinro has been the top-selling soju brand in the world since 2001, and Lotte Liquor third since 2007.

It is surprising to see soju, which is drunk mostly in Korea, outsell vodka, whiskey and rum.

But the British industry magazine Drinks International surveyed the global market for spirits and liqueurs with research firm Euromonitor and found that Jinro soju ranked at the top with sales of 61.38 million boxes, 2.5 times more than second-ranked Smirnoff vodka, whose sales totaled 24.7 million boxes. Lotte ranked third with 23.9 million boxes sold.