Virginia: ABC privatization: None shall pass

on 12/10/10 at 2:28 pm


When gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell set out on his quest for a Holy Grail overflowing with free-market liquor back in July 2009, he promised to “ensure the highest cash to Virginia in the short term and no loss of revenue in the long run, and in fact, the overall generation of higher revenue in future years.”

But when Gov. McDonnell took his first stab at a plan to end the state monopoly on Sept. 8, he came up more than $20 million short of the $324 million in liquor revenues the state will collect this year.

McDonnell shrugged off the injury to the state budget with the sanguine defiance of Monty Python’s Black Knight.

“That’s really not that big a deal… $22 million is nothing,” the governor told reporters.

{Full story via The Virginian-Pilot}

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