Washington State: Booze Clues for the Two Liquor initiatives

on 07/10/10 at 12:27 pm


The two liquor initiatives on the ballot are way more mysterious than they seem.

Do you want to be able to buy Jack Daniels at the grocery store or not? It seems simple, but the two initiatives posing this question on the November ballot are more complex than they seem. Both initiatives — 1100 and 1105 — would get the state of Washington out of the liquor business, which it has controlled since the end of Prohibition in 1933. But neither initiative does only that, towing along a string of other potential changes to the way we drink in Washington.

The measures’ contrary coexistence on the ballot is making for strange political bedfellows, too — ostensibly uniting cocktail-sippers and libertarians on one side, with pro-government bleeding hearts and teetotalers on the other.

That’s not even to mention who’s actually paying for the measures.

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