24-Hour Whiskey Tasting Breaks World Record (Kind Of)

on 10/08/12 at 10:26 am


The Scots would have set the world record for most whisky tastings in one day, if Guinness officials had actually showed up.

The Scottish are known as a hardworking, ambitious people — especially when it comes to alcohol. The Drinks Business reported that in June, a team of whisky aficionados in Scotland set out to break the world record for the world’s first 24-hour whisky tasting, and they would have succeeded if the folks from Guinness were there to make it official.

Starting in Inverness, Scotland, the team then drove to eight cities throughout the UK and hosted themed whisky tastings in eight different whisky shops, spanning 643 miles. The tastings served a total of 130 people, and were based around three Compass Box Whiskys: the Great King Street blend, the Peat Monster, and The Spice Tree.

Andrew Torrance, managing director of The Whisky Shop, and one of the core members of the team that set out on this ambitious journey, spoke to The Drinks Business about the inspiration behind the 24-hour tasting.