Ah, whisky & chocolate…a match made in heaven

on 19/12/10 at 10:52 pm


Looking for a new and satisfying way to cap off a Christmas feast? Try whisky and fine chocolate.

Eric Belchamber, sommelier at Juniper Kitchen and Wine Bar, is so enthusiastic about the pairing possibilities that the restaurant offers 18 whisky/chocolate combinations to customers.

Belchamber explains below why you might consider furthering your digestion of the holiday roast with a wee dram and a bit of something dark and bittersweet.

What’s the thinking behind pairing whisky and chocolate?

Single malt scotch whiskies have very distinctive and particular flavour profiles based on where they’re from in Scotland. They can be herbal, grassy, fruity or smoky. Singleorigin chocolates are the same in that they take their character from their terroir and microclimate, giving them a true sense of place.

For an ideal chocolate and scotch pairing experience, the aroma and flavour profiles of both products should be complemented and augmented.

Does whisky pair better with chocolate than wine does, and if so, why?

{Full story via Ottawa Citizen}

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