New Artisanally Crafted Moon Mountain Organic Vodka

on 19/11/10 at 10:26 am


The best things in life are crafted, not made. Moon Mountain Vodka is the liquid embodiment of that belief. The new, artisanally crafted, USDA Certified Organic vodka is produced in the Midwest and made from only organic ingredients. Moon Mountain Vodka is triple distilled in small batches ensuring a unique character and superior quality.

The story of Moon Mountain Vodka began when its Master Distiller, Gerry Webb, visited the Moon Mountain Vineyard in Sonoma County. After experiencing the vineyard’s all organic, artisanally-crafted wines, Webb began a quest to develop something no other distiller had done before: a vodka that mimics the craftsmanship and attention to detail of the specialty winemaking process.

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