Bacardi taking another crack at a spiced rum with Oakheart

on 16/08/11 at 12:51 pm


The leading rum maker is taking another crack at a spiced rum product with Bacardi Oakheart.

Bacardi is on a mission to commandeer the spiced rum market from the Captain.

The Coral Gables-based leader in rum is taking another stab at selling a spiced rum with the introduction of Bacardi Oakheart, hitting the market in September.

The first spiced rum from Bacardi didn’t last long. Called Bacardi Spice, it was only on shelves for two years before it was discontinued in 1998.

“To be honest, we weren’t completely satisfied with the liquid and we thought we could do a much better job,” said Bacardi spokesman Joe Gerbino.

Others agreed. Bacardi Spice was “a miserable failure,” according to Harmeet Aurora, general manager of Fine Spirits Wines & Liquors in Cooper City. But, he said, Oakheart was vastly different.

“I got to taste it the other day, and I was impressed,” Aurora said.

Bacardi leads sales in the traditional rum category with 55 percent of the market, according to Nielsen rankings. Bacardi is second in flavored rums, with Malibu making up 39 percent.

“Rum continues to be a real contender, the way tequila was a few years ago,” said beverage consultant Tom Pirko, president of California-based Bevmark. “We’re now in a period where a lot more people are trying rum.”

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