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Bruce Lee whisky advert for Johnnie Walker branded a disgrace

on 10/07/13 at 5:42 pm


Photo: SCMP Pictures

Bruce Lee has returned, nearly 40 years after his passing, to promote Johnnie Walker Blue Label whiskey in an advertisement that has divided fans.

The new ad for the China region features sophisticated computer graphics that re-create Lee’s likeness, painting a portrait of the late actor as he strolls atop a balcony in Hong Kong with the city skyline behind him. As he walks, Lee faces the camera and gives a short speech.

“Dragons never die, because dragons draw power from water,” Lee says. “Water, it’s like instincts. Shapeless, formless, fluid. You cannot grasp hold of it. But let it flow and it has the power to change the world. I believe in instincts…

“Do you have the guts to follow your gut? Do you have the courage who express who you are? Be water, my friend. Because someday you’ll be more than a success. You’ll be a game changer.”

The advertisement ends with a close-up shot of Johnnie Walker Blue Label whiskey.

According to Campaign Asia-Pacific marketing magazine, the project features Lee’s likeness because Johnnie Walker was looking for a “game changer” to be the face of Blue Label, which “blends both new and old whiskey”.