Cachaça and The Caipirinha

on 05/09/10 at 6:35 pm


There is perhaps no spirit whose classification is as complicated as rum. There are light rums, white rums, dark rums, gold rums, spiced rums, flavored rums, funky Jamaican rums, overproof rums, and more. The one thing all rums have in common is the plant they’re distilled from: sugar cane. And while most rums are made from molasses or other sugar products, some use only fresh-pressed sugar-cane juice, capturing the aroma, flavor, and sweetness of newly cut cane.

In the United States, the most well-known of these fresh cane spirits is cachaça, which, depending on whom you ask, isn’t a rum at all. At home in Brazil, it’s considered a distinct spirit category.

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