Charbay launches Premiere 27 year old Brandy No. 83

on 07/12/10 at 6:06 pm


Charbay, a family run artisan winery and distillery, has launched its Premiere brandy program with their 27 year old Brandy N0.83. It’s part of Charbay’s small-batch luxury Medallion Collection of artisan spirits. It will be on every brandy drinker’s To-Taste list. Aged in French oak since 1983, the brandy barrels built up a mystique. For 27 years, Charbay’s owner and Master Distiller, Milorad (Miles) Karakasevic, guarded over them and said: “We’ll release when I say they’re ready. Soon, but not yet.”

Back in 1983, on a foggy night, Miles, his young family and a close team gathered around the Alambic pot still. There was a hushed excitement as they distilled. In the second run of the inaugural distillation, as the heart of the brandy flowed out of the still and into Limousin French oak barrels, they knew it was a legend in the making.

Miles, a 12th generation winemaker/Master Distiller from Yugoslavia, distills the way a distiller dreams of distilling. He sources the finest fruit and watches over his distillations. The family just never thought he’d wait 27 years for the brandy. “That’s Miles,” says Susan. She designed the package for the Brandy.

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